The Planning Team

The Office of Planning in the Department of Planning and Community Development is the City’s agency for establishing an action plan to integrate land use with housing, transportation, historic preservation, and community and economic development. The Office of Planning administers land development regulations, including zoning, subdivision and historic designations; develops the Comprehensive Development Plan, Capital Improvement Plan and Comprehensive Transportation Plan; and manages Geographic Information Systems and Neighborhood Planning Unit system. The Office of Planning develops community plans in partnership with stakeholders throughout the City of Atlanta.


Perkins+Will is an interdisciplinary, research-based architecture and design firm established in 1935 and founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives and enhance communities. Each of the firm’s 24 offices focuses on local, regional and global work in a variety of practice areas including urban design. In addition, Perkins+Will is recognized as one of the industry’s preeminent sustainable design firms due to its innovative research, design tools, and expertise. The firm’s 1,700 professionals are thought leaders developing 21st century solutions to inspire the creation of spaces in which clients and their communities work, heal, live, and learn. 


Contente Consulting is a multi-faceted urban planning and strategic consulting firm also based in Atlanta. Contente Consulting’s boutique studio structure includes a diverse team of skilled professionals with a distinguished history in planning, designing and shaping urban communities using expertise in land planning, neighborhood planning, transportation planning, community building and public engagement for municipal and private clients. 


HR&A Advisors (HR&A) is an industry-leading real estate, economic development and energy efficiency consulting firm that has provided strategic advisory services for some of the most complex mixed-use, neighborhood, downtown, campus and regional development projects across North America and abroad for over thirty years. HR&A’s analysis yields solutions that align the competitive advantages of a site, the needs of a community, and the resources of public and private stakeholders. 


Founded in 1967 by transportation planners and traffic engineers in Raleigh NC, Kimley-Horn is one of the nation’s premier planning and design consulting firms. Their team of planners, urban designers, and engineers have varied private and public sector experience ranging from corridor plans and downtown development to transportation planning and streetscape design. Kimley-Horn’s team excels in the knowledge of local land use and traffic conditions and the application of appropriate travel demand projection methodologies. 

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Bleakly Advisory Group (BAG) is a specialized economic advisory firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. BAG provides advice to developers, governments and non-profit organizations dealing with a wide range of real estate related issues including housing and community revitalization. BAG’s work is based on extensive experience not only in conceptualizing, but implementing major development projects including development around Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park.